We Love Change? Change is Scary!

Humans are creatures of habit who find dealing with change difficult. Even when we’ve planned and desired it, its manifestation scares us.

As UX designers, we’re often the ones who make changes tangible. Sometimes met with love, more often met with resistance.
Drawing from psychology, philosophy and change management theory, this session discusses how e.g. re-designs like the new Twitter, incremental changes to Facebook, or the updates to Meetup.com were introduced, communicated and received.

And it’s not only about consumer products. A new tool or software can change how people go about their daily work. Without their buy-in, the best design fails. The website we’re building for our client can cause them to re-think their approach to content, development, or their internal structure. This can be challenging. How can UX help to make the project successful?

Attendees will walk away with a set of examples, best and worst practices. At the end of the session, we’ll debate how UX can impact how changes are introduced to people, services, and companies.