The Reluctant Design Strategist: The Story of a UX Team of 1.5 Failing Forward

In a nonprofit organization like mine, resources are often sparse. My team is one and half people strong. We do more with less every day. And despite our best efforts, sometimes we fail.

While reflecting on our successes and failures a theme has emerged: our successes occurred when we spent time developing a clear strategy with our clients. And if we couldn’t work with them directly, we made one up.

Modeled after the “Starlet or Streetwalker” segment on the E! Channel’s Fashion Police television series, I’ll share the background of some of the projects I’ve worked on and then ask you: Was our work win? Or did it end up in the bin?

You’ll hear the rest of the story and learn some of the lightweight techniques that are helping us clarify strategy for our internal customers. By the end, you may discover what I have: I may love doing user research, but if I want my projects to succeed I’m going to have to become a better Design Strategist-even if I have to fail forward along the way.