The Lost Design Research Course: Tools for Making Your Design Research Better, More Rigorous, and Way More Fun

Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-conference workshops are an additional cost. You can register for this workshop and other workshops when you register for the conference. Register online.

About the Workshop

This workshop is the “Lost Methodology Course” that interaction designers never got to take at college, design school, or on the job. Participants in this workshop will learn the “theory” of research methods. Just like with interaction design, research design is an artful process that requires design researchers to grapple with complexity, creativity, complexity and choice. Participants will learn how to choose the right design research method for the right design research question. They will uncover their own implicit assumptions about sample size and validity, and learn to compensate for on-the-ground limitations.

This workshop will be part facilitation, part small-group work. Participants will participate in “mini lectures” where a topic area will be discussed and explained. They will then immediately apply this knowledge in small group work. There will be several of these “sprints.”