On Why We Should NOT Focus On UX

It’s striking how “Nobel prize winning research” seems to indicate how UX design is kind of missing the point. It turns out, we (UX designers) are focusing on the wrong element. It turns out, we shouldnʼt focus on the “experience” part at all.

Particularly interesting, is how it illustrates the profound distinction between experience and memory. It turns out, we all have two selves. One focused on experiences, the other on memory. And they act almost as complete opposites.

So why is this important? Because itʼs our memory-focused self that makes all decisions! Actually, our other self has no vote whatsoever, it turns out.

Implications on UX design are obvious. UX design merely for the sake of creating “great experiences” is pointless. Itʼs stopping prematurely. UX design is important, but not for the X. Like f(x) = y, UX design should be entirely in function of the memories it creates. Because only memories matter.

Not only does this insight add an interesting philosophical layer of reflection to UX design as a whole, it can have a practical impact as well; right down to the color of a button. It’s about designing to create “great memories”.

And there are techniques to do that…