Nailing It Down: Detailing Design to Preserve the UX Vision

Pre-Conference Workshops

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About the Workshop

So you’ve done ethnographic user research. You’ve also analyzed log files. You’ve interviewed help desk and customer service folks. You’ve had a honkin’ meeting with stakeholders. And you’ve nailed a sense of the user, so you’ve got some great personas. You even held some design sketching sessions.

NOW what?

While others such as Dan Brown, Ginny Redish, and others have codified the early phases of experience documentation, there’s a disjunct that often happens when business analysts write requirements documents or developers and product managers write user stories.

Despite the best personas and user/task grids and wireframes, other documents override the best UX intentions. We need to get back in the game and stay there in some role as products are developed. Design doesn’t end with design; development is the fruition of design.

The work of IA/IxD/VizD/Usability doesn’t end at the wireframe. Instead, there are detailed specifications that need to be defined.

This workshop covers an understanding of the problem, techniques to improve communication in projects, and exercises to practice improvements.

The content of the workshop mixes lecture, discussion, exercise, and critique.