How Valuable Is Your Work? Measuring the User Experience

Say you start a project. You’re passionate and you’re intent on becoming knowledgeable on the topic of the project in order to deliver your best execution. Fast-forward, you deliver and your project launches – let’s ignore the iterative cycle – how do you know you’ve succeeded? How do you quantify your effort in said success or failure?

During my talk, I will give you ideas, thoughts and processes that will help you craft your own framework to learn how to quantify your work, to learn how to measure it against the success or failure or any project and to break it down by milestones.

At the end of my presentation you’ll leave the room with one of two thoughts:

A. Eduardo is insane. There is no way anything that he said could be accomplished.


B. Eduardo is insane – but I bet I can extend his idea and use it in my day to day to have a more meaningful career and understand how I can be better at what I do.

Whether you leave the room with A or B on your mind, you’ll enjoy the time we spend together.