How To Do Content Strategy

Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-conference workshops are an additional cost. You can register for this workshop and other workshops when you register for the conference. Register online.

About the Workshop

Web content: it’s the meat in the sandwich, not the icing on the cake.

Too often, organizations fail to deliver content that meets user needs and serves their business goals. Even during website redesigns, the editorial process gets short shrift in favor of building new features and creating new designs. Thinking about the content is always left until the last minute, always thought to be “somebody else’s problem.”

Ever wonder why so many websites feature dense, unreadable prose? Force you to navigate through pages of brochure copy and legalese? Look like they backed up a truck full of PDFs and dumped them in the content management system?

No content strategy, that’s why.

Sometimes, it seems like information architects have a blind spot when it comes to creating useful, usable content. If our goal is a great experience for users, then we need to go beyond creating page templates and interaction models and focus on content strategy.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss approaches you can use on projects to:

  • Fit content strategy activities into your existing UX design process
  • Plan for content that aligns with business goals and user needs
  • Evaluate existing content and make decisions about what to do with it
  • Maintain content over time, with clear ownership and review processes