Increase The Size Of Your Package In Just Four Weeks: Four Steps To Successful E-Commerce

This is a talk about e-commerce. What makes it work. What causes it to fail.

There are four main topics in this presentation - from simple practical considerations to the more obscure cognitive triggers. IAs need to know this stuff and act on it in an informed, professional manner and each topic certainly deserves a presentation of its own – or a conference of its own. My aim here is simply to set your grey-matter in motion by introducing you to some generic problems and solutions that transcend almost all e-commerce solutions. Here’s the quick-and-dirty rundown:

  1. Forms and basic functionality - the crap needs to work
  2. Building shared references - folks won't buy what they don't understand
  3. Value-added services - enhancing the experience through context
  4. Cognitive triggers - influencing irrational decision-making processes

I will stand on stage and jabber away for about 40 minutes. There will be Q&A. And a lot of interactive byplay along the way.