EIA: Enterprise as a Strategy for Bulletproofing IA

Whatever changes will impact the practice of IA over the next decade, one thing's for sure: the forces of commodification will eat away at it. This happens to nearly all business areas, especially service-driven businesses, as they mature. It's why Arthur Andersen morphed from its roots in traditional corporate tax work to high-level business consulting (Accenture). And it's why many of Hollywood's high-flying visual effects companies have been shuttered in the last couple of years — they didn't adapt quickly enough.

It's important for the discipline of IA, and the related areas of UXD and IxD, to always find ways to position themselves more strategically if they expect to survive and thrive. This session will explore how expanding into enterprise-level areas such as business strategy, systems integration, and knowledge management will bulletproof IA by strengthening its position as an indispensable contributor to the bottom line.