Effect Mapping: A Better Way to Get Really Usable Results Out of IT Projects

Projects that fail to deliver the desired product or service.
I’ve been through them. Several times.
Perhaps you have, too. (We all know the numbers from the Standish Group’s studies.)
Well, then you might want to check this out. You’ll be introduced to a simple method that, for example …

  • … in three weeks, saved 1.5 years of development time.
  • … created award-winning web sites – without the traditional requirements docs.

We basically know how to build great products. But most project models are seriously flawed. They focus on functions, not on the benefit of the product in use.

Effect Mapping, on the contrary, is a way to ensure that the project keeps the desired qualities-in-use AND the desired goal for the business, in focus. The methodology has been tried and tested in practice for several years. It creates a common understanding of the users’ goals among stakeholders and team members. It moves the project’s attention away from “functions”, to “desired effects”.

The Effect Map gives a clear visualization of the goal and how to reach it. It can be used for any kind of project, and can act as a plug-in for many project models.