Toilet Paper and Information Sharing: Designing Compelling Information Ecosystems

Can my grocery store prevent me from forgetting to buy toilet paper?

Yes, it can, by thinking about my interactions with them as part of an information ecosystem. The data is there, it simply hasn’t been designed well.

Interactive systems and products are particularly adept at helping us to eliminate these moments of stress from our lives, by providing an infrastructure for negotiating these daily tasks. In the case of remembering to buy toilet paper, the technology is available to help us with this problem, but the system hasn’t been designed to use the information effectively. The strategic design of this information – the information ecosystem – can create opportunities to deliver remarkable experiences to our customers.

This session will explore how the design of interactive products can be thought of systemically – working together to form an information ecosystem, opening opportunities to bring delight and joy to people. Instead of approaching the design of interactive systems as static fiefdoms of information, we’ll look at how data might be used across a chain of interactions, opening new opportunities for creating remarkable moments.

This is truly information architecture being used for good – preventing uncomfortable moments with better design.