From Flab to Fab! Design Secrets for Overweight Interfaces

Some overweight sites are legitimately big-boned — data heavy and dense. Most flabby interfaces, however, are the result of a UX process run amok. Despite everyone’s best intentions, it’s not uncommon for projects to suffer from incomplete requirements, too many stakeholders, poor project management, or — most often — ambitious schedules that don’t provide enough time to iterate, refine, and streamline the design.

The result: overstuffed, garbled interfaces that try to be all things to all people.

Even if your process has failed, the final product need not be a failure. This session shows how space-saving patterns and a few simple visual design principles can mitigate even the most crowded and confusing interface and make it understandable — even enjoyable — for users. By the end of the session you’ll understand how to apply these techniques to your wireframes or comps, and how to identify problems and opportunities in existing designs.