Democratizing Data, Driving Social Change

Had enough of sitting and listening to amazing presentations? Ready to put some of what you’re learning and thinking about to good use? Come join us for a roundtable discussion about using our skills to stimulate and support community based social change.

We’ll use examples from The Piton Foundation’s (a local foundation with a mission to provide opportunities for children and their families to move from poverty and dependence to self-reliance) initiatives to make data more accessible to local communities as a springboard for this discussion.

In particular, we’ll examine The Data Initiative - a foundation program founded on the belief that philanthropic and community building efforts are durable when informed by reliable and objective information. In an age of ever-increasing access to data, we’ll discuss ways the initiative has evolved over time to become a better resource for communities, what we’ve learned along the way, and where the next evolution of the project is headed. We are exploring ways to leverage both changes in technology as well as more cutting edge methods of human centered design and participatory design techniques to truly innovate around the needs of a wide range of stakeholders.

The Goal: Facilitate community based social change

The Method: Make community data accessible to a wider audience.

The Trick: Do this in a way that is relevant, useful, and compelling

Come share your ideas, thoughts, and experiences on the role of design in bringing about social change, working within the public sector, making data more accessible, etc...