Critical Thinking for UX Designers (or Anyone)

Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-conference workshops are an additional cost. You can register for this workshop and other workshops when you register for the conference. Register online.

About the Workshop

Love creative problem solving, but need something more practical— something specific to User Experience? Russ and Stephen will share with you the exercises they use to solve the REAL problems.

You’ll flex your critical thinking muscle through a series of jumpstarter activities. Even better, attendees will be encouraged to participate, if not embarrass themselves in front of a room full of their peers as they challenge themselves to see past the first, obvious—and often incorrect—answers, and start to flip problems on their heads to see solutions from a different view.

Session Takeaway

  • Gain a better understanding of what critical thinking is, why it is important in the world of User Experience Design
  • Identify ways to evaluate the visual and verbal messages in your work
  • Spot artificial constraints to focus on the root problem(s).
  • View problems from a different perspective and remove yourself as a consumer/user.
  • Learn how reframing problems can lead to radically different solutions.
  • Dissect problems to uncover solutions you may have previously overlooked.