Creating a Navigation System…For Your Career!

What did you want to be? Is it anything like what you’re doing? What are your professional aspirations? Are you getting closer?

Navigation systems for information spaces help users determine where they are, chart a path toward where they want to go, and remind them where they’ve been. We’re very good at creating these systems yet many of us struggle to determine where we are, where we want to go, and even where we’ve been when it comes to our career path.

Our practice is maturing and becoming more popular. The importance of navigating your career has never been more important. But how do you begin to do that?

In this talk I’ll share a journey that took me from being in the military trying not to get killed to being in a digital agency trying to align user needs with business goals. More importantly, I’ll share lessons and principles learned and how you can use these and the thinking you already know to navigate your career.

You will leave with a bit more knowledge, a lot to think about and hopefully, a new perspective about how to set, plan for, and reach your career goals in UX and beyond.