Beyond the Polar Bear

The BBC’s new Food site ( is completely rebuilt using principles of domain and data modeling. Domain-driven design breaks down complex subjects into the things people usually think about. With food, it’s stuff like ‘dishes’, ‘ingredients’ and ‘chefs’. The parts of the model inter-relate far more organically than a traditional top-down hierarchy.

A logical domain model makes site navigation mirror the way people explore knowledge. By intersecting across subjects, links themselves become facts, allowing humans and machines to learn through undirected user journeys. This paradigm shift from labeling boxes to taming rich data is a vital skill for the modern IA.

We will show you how to design for a semantic ‘web of data’, using case studies from the BBC’s Food and Natural History products. You’ll learn to unlock the potential of your content, create scalable navigation patterns, achieve simply fabulous SEO and step confidently into the world of open linked data.

We’ll reference Rosenfeld and Morville’s seminal IA tome and discuss what still holds true and what needs new thinking. The next web is here. Stop worrying about the perfect taxonomy, and start worrying about making your content findable, pointable, searchable and sharable.