Beyond Digital: What IAs Need to Know about Service Design

Service design is getting more coverage and attention from the business press and in the user experience community. What is the relationship between service design and IA? What do IAs need to know? And what can service designers learn from information architecture?

This panel will tackle this cross-training opportunity with perspectives from four experienced practitioners bridging IA and service design in their work and research today. Each panelist will share initial insights about the relationship of IA and service design, what IAs should know, and what they bring to the table from their own practice.

We will then follow that with a series of questions on the same topic that we will source in advance from

  1. our own conversations as a panel
  2. service design mailing lists and forums
  3. IA mailing lists and forums
  4. Twitter and other social media

Finally, we will open the floor for audience participation and discussion.

Through the experience and perspectives of the panelists, attendees will

  • get an introduction to the service design practice, tools and methods and its relationship with IA
  • develop insights on cross-channel experience design
  • learn about designing humanizing solutions that satisfy their user’s express as well as latent needs