Beyond Digital: Designing for the Cross-Channel Future

Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-conference workshops are an additional cost. You can register for this workshop and other workshops when you register for the conference. Register online.

About the Workshop

You already know that the future of design is everywhere the customer touches your product or service.

Whether you call it service design, customer experience, cross-channel design or just plain old common sense, you know that the customer interacts across channels, from physical product, voice and mobile to face-to-face service, word of mouth and more.

Staying relevant as user experience practitioners requires thinking about the complete context where people use products and services, not just within the digital world. But designing for a full experience lifecycle across all channels and touchpoints is easier said than done. You need the right methods to move from single channel digital design to holistic cross-channel design. Just as importantly, as channels multiply, so does the political landscape. You need to also develop the necessary influence to succeed in prioritizing and designing cross-channel interactions, products and services.

In this workshop, we’ll provide you with practical, actionable ways of designing for cross-channel based on our experiences in private and public sector organizations. We’ll use an integrated set of hands-on exercises that will allow you to learn immediate ways to incorporate cross-channel design into your own work.

In this workshop we’ll show you:

  • How to think about the cross-channel experience from the customer’s point of view
  • Tools and methods for designing optimized cross-channel experiences
  • Steps to evangelize the need for cross-channel efforts and cross-divisional partnerships to support holistic experiences
  • Key elements for making a successful business case for cross-channel design
  • Actionable recommendations for managing the increased politics when multiple channels are involved

You will leave the day ready to integrate cross-channel design techniques into your toolkit, ensuring a more holistic experience for your customers, regardless of where they are interacting.