A Practical Guide to Measuring User Experience

Measuring the success (or failure) of an experience can be a daunting and confusing endeavor. Building on his talk from IA Summit 2010 – Dealing with a UX mid-life crisis – Richard will describe the three major phases of measurement:

  1. Defining appropriate goals
  2. Gathering meaningful data
  3. Drawing the right conclusions

Richard will provide techniques and tips for each phase and illustrate their use with real examples from his team’s work at Vanguard. This will include describing in detail how to create a Capability Strategy Sheet that defines the goals and measures of an experience (along with a complete example based on a fictional pet store website). He will also share some common measurement patterns that have emerged from his team’s work.

To conclude, he will describe some of the cultural and change management challenges involved when an organization uses data to inform design decisions.