UX Show & Tell at the IA Summit

A guest post from Chris Avore!

UX Show and Tell is proud and honored to participate in the 2011 IA Summit.

We’re offering two sessions where information architects, user experience designers, strategists and other practitioners can share what they’re working on to receive practical, helpful feedback.

The first session is Friday evening as part of the IA Summit Poster Session.

Share your work in the same space as our regular posters. Sign up at the registration desk to reserve a seat in our show and tell section, where we’ll have tables and chairs set up to sit down and discuss your work with your peers. We’re looking forward to participating in a low-key, collegial environment where the people who share work are also observers, and vice versa. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Our second is a Saturday morning workshop from 9:30am until 11:00. We’re excited to follow Aaron Irizarry’s and Adam Connor’s presentation Discussing Design: The Art of Critique, so we hope we’ll have a number of their attendees put what they just heard to use at UX Show and Tell.

This workshop will give people the opportunity to spend more time in depth in a smaller setting. If you have any other questions regarding UX Show and Tell, or about organizing a workshop in your local community, I'll be happy to answer them here or during the conference too.

What to share:
Finished projects, shelved products, ideas, incomplete work—just about anything

  • sketches
  • prototypes
  • wireframes
  • research conclusions
  • process flows 

  • surveys 

  • mockups & comps

Sharing work: not required Don't want to share? Help your fellow attendees and new friends you've met with the work they show. Sharing work is absolutely not a requirement to participate or attend UX Show and Tell at the IA Summit.

Friday evening Poster Session format:
We will have tables set up for show and tell conversations during the poster session. Please let us know at the registration desk if you’re bringing some work. Expect to have attendees drift in and out of the area as they browse the posters and other work on display.

Saturday Format
Round table discussion of about 6-10 people per table.
3-5 people share work per table for about 20-30 minutes each

You’re welcome to participate in both Friday and Saturday, space permitting.

There are no projectors available for UX Show and Tell sessions, so please bring printed work, gather around laptops or iPads, or store work on a thumbdrive or Dropbox and ask someone with a laptop to display your work. Most people at these events are a friendly bunch and will gladly help where they can.

Be sure to trade contact information with those who help, and connect after the Summit at uxshowandtell.com to continue the discussion.