User Interface Engineering to Sponsor IA Summit Podcasts

We are delighted to announce that podcasting will indeed happen at the IA Summit this year! Our good friends at User Interface Engineering stepped up when they heard of our legal woes, and suggested that they could take care of transcription, production and other expenses as part of a Summit sponsorship.

Jared Spool, UIE's principal tells us:

What happens at the IA Summit should NOT stay at the IA Summit.

This year's program promises to be rich with great ideas and discussions that will inspire every designer. It will be awesome for everyone there, but it pained me to think the folks who can't make it would lose out. I'm excited we can capture every session and publish them to the entire community of UX professionals.

I'm honored that UIE will be part of making that happen.

Thanks Jared! We're grateful for the support, and have some more podcast-related announcements coming up soon!