No Podcasts for the 2011 IA Summit

This year Jeff Parks has decided to step down from the huge workload of producing the IA Summit podcasts for Boxes and Arrows. We appreciate all the work he has put in to the community with the Summit and many other venues and wish him success in his renewed focus on Radio Johnny.

We have also had the threat of legal action for ASIS&T and Boxes & Arrows with people insisting on transcription as an accessibility issue. While we support accessibility, it is not financially viable to transcribe podcasts nor to deal with spurious legal hassles for a freely provided service.

Unfortunately, these two issues have led us to decide not to podcast the 2011 IA Summit. We will work with the community to facilitate reporting on site through our media partners and by aggregating attendee contributions for notes, photos, and other content.

Importantly, speakers who wish to record their own sessions will need to manage that themselves rather than relying on the podcast team that has worked for the past several years.