Interview: Kevin Cheng on Working with (and Becoming) a Product Manager

We recently spoke with Kevin Cheng to bring you more information about his upcoming pre-conference workshop at the IA Summit, Working with (and Becoming) a Product Manager.

Q: Why should someone sign up for your session?

We've all worked with product managers before but more so than designers and engineers, their role seems to vary greatly between organizations. This mysterious role is sometimes coveted and sometimes frustrating to interact with. The goal of the workshop is to help clarify some of these mysteries as well as guide those who might want to make the transition into such a role.

Q: Why is it important that participants attend your session now?

Because it's fresh off my mind! I played the dual role of Director of Product and User Experience in my previous company and last year, made the transition into only working in product management at Twitter.

Q: How will your session help attendees immediately on their return to work?

If you're looking to become a product manager, you will have a clearer idea which skills to refine and concentrate on. If you're a designer, you will have an improved understanding of the differences between the two roles and how best to reach both yours and the PM's goals.

Q: What are the top three things attendees will learn in your session?

  • the differences and similarities between a designer and product manager's roles
  • what the role of a product manager is, including the day-to-day
  • how to transition to product management

Q: Can you give us a glimpse of any surprises you've got planned for attendees?

I might change their minds about what job they prefer.

Q: What are you willing to do/offer if you sell out your workshop seats?

Mentorship and continued advice is so important when it comes to product management. If the workshop sells out, I'll gladly offer to continue corresponding with attendees throughout the year and answer questions as best I can. Oh, who am I kidding, I'd do that anyways for attendees.


You've heard it here, folks! Don't miss this great opportunity to learn what you need to know about working with and becoming a product manager. Get more details about this pre-conference workshop.