Interview: Joe Sokohl on Detailing Design to Preserve UX Vision

We recently spoke with Joe Sokohl to bring you more information about his upcoming pre-conference workshop at the IA Summit, Nailing It Down: Detailing Design to Preserve the UX Vision.

Q: Why should someone sign up for your session?

While some IAs work in small, collocated teams directly in synch with developers, business analysts, and marketing, most of us work in disparate teams. Often we have to inform others of our design decisions...and that communication sometimes get lost or misunderstood.

People who work on large projects with many moving parts, people who work with distributed teams, and people who work in highly regulated industries need to document their designs. Too often, the annotated wireframe just isn't enough information for a user experience design to be built. By coming together in a highly interactive workshop, we can help solve this conundrum together.

Q: Why is it important that participants attend your session now?

I'm seeing a trend among non-user-centric competencies to identify the UX for products. I believe that we in the greater UX community need to not just be at the table, but we need to set the table. Too often, IAs define site maps or navigation labels, but business analysts define how the product works. Sadly, much of the BA community is focused on conference-room designed products, not on the user-focused design we espouse. As the interest in UX grows, we need to ensure that we follow design through development.

Q: How will your session help attendees immediately on their return to work?

As we work through these issues in the workshop, attendees will understand how to innovatively use better approaches to detailed design. It's not just about creating written specifications of software behavior, either (although that can be a part of what we do). It's about finding the right level of detail for each project and culture.

Q: What are the top three things attendees will learn in your session?

  1. Why traceable designs provide authority to survive the slings and arrows of outrageous project lifecycles.
  2. How to find the right level of detail in projects.
  3. How to perform detailed design without writing 300-page documents.

Q: Can you give us a glimpse of any surprises you've got planned for attendees?

There will be chocolate. Seriously ;) Too, this workshop is not a "sit right back and I'll tell the tale" type of workshop. I don't have all the answers, trust me...but together we'll extrude workable, practical ideas. There will also be a fine for too much whining about why we can't do X ;)

Q: What are you willing to do/offer if you sell out your workshop seats?

If it sells out, I'm happy to coordinate with those who want to attend. I can set up some (probably weekend) time in the next six months to do one-on-one webinars through Acrobat Connect. I'm also willing to buy you a beer at a Moto Guzzi rally this summer.


You've heard it here, folks! Don't miss this great opportunity to learn what you need to know about detailing design to preserve the UX vision. Get more details about this pre-conference workshop.