Interview: Andrea Resmini on Pervasive IA

We recently spoke with Andrea Resmini to bring you more information about his upcoming pre-conference workshop at the IA Summit, Pervasive Information Architecture.

Q: Why should someone sign up for your session?

Because it's not just the Web anymore. There's bigger game out there for us to design, and I'm going to make a point that attendees walk out of the workshop with three basic fundamental take-aways: they understand why we talk of pervasive information architectures, they know what pervasive information architectures are, and they have the tools to hack them.

Q: Why is it important that participants attend your session now?

The workshop is largely based on the book: the book will be available in shops April 1st. This is a unique opportunity to hear the story from us when the story is still unfolding, get your hands dirty with it, and help frame it.

Q: How will your session help attendees immediately on their return to work?

We are going to be very practical. The workshop is about doing things first, understanding the principles that drive them second, and connecting these into a larger design picture last. It's about the design methodology we use when we design pervasive information architectures, how it differs from traditional IA work and why. We will spend most of the time sketching and translating the 5 heuristics that guide the process into actionable know / do items that can be used in any project.

Q: What are the top three things attendees will learn in your session?

  1. Information architecture is getting pervasive (acknowledge)
  2. What the hell are pervasive information architectures (know)
  3. This is how we design pervasive information architectures (do)

Q: Can you give us a glimpse of any surprises you've got planned for attendees?

I'm an avid boardgame player, and the workshop will feature some gaming of sorts I'll use to introduce the idea of pervasive IA. Since I'll probably also have at least a couple of books with me, and a few t-shirts, I can see some kind of contest / win-the-prize thing taking shape there.

Then, there's going to be a rather substantial paper package for all attendees, with cheatsheets and all to be used during the workshop, and some samples from the book, I believe.

Q: What are you willing to do/offer if you sell out your workshop seats?

You mean apart from buying anyone attending drinks? Mh. We could arrange some special doo-wop a cappella magic vocals for karaoke night, you know, Duke of Earl or Runaround Sue type of songs. Or. Wait. I know: I can get Eric Reiss into a piano fight (seems we have a piano in the hall of the Hyatt). That seems cool. To me at least. ;)


You've heard it here, folks! Don't miss this great opportunity to learn what you need to know about pervasive information architecture. Get more details about this pre-conference workshop.