What It's All About

The IA Summit is the premier destination for those who practice, research and are interested in the structural design of shared information environments. Some call themselves information architects (and many don't) but all share a common desire to help people live better lives through meaningful experiences with information.

The Summit is, above all, a community gathering. It is organized, planned and realized by volunteers across the information architecture and related communities of practice, with the kind support and backing from ASIS&T, and attended by people of all backgrounds with an interest to learn and share the lessons, challenges and opportunities presented in today's digital landscape.

IA Summit 2011

After 11 successful years bringing hundreds of practitioners together for five days of intense exchange of ideas and experiences, we pause to reflect on the state of information architecture and what is in store for this community of practice. As we continue to strive for more, we turn our focus to what can make us - as practitioners - and our practice, better.

Asking better questions, is an invitation for the community to challenge assumptions about the role of information architecture in how we conceive experiences, create products, study people and understand the world.

Are methods and approaches established early in the development of this practice still pertinent to the types of challenges we face today? Do we understand success the same way we did when this community first formed and throughout its expansion? What distinguishing perspective does information architecture offer from other practices? This is our chance to question assumptions and explore possibilities with our peers.

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